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Change begins from within and moves outward. We’re mastering our individual lives and, in turn, helping to make the world a better place for everyone.

The seeds of your boundless potential lie within you ready to burst forth. If you’re not satisfied with your life or the world in which we live, and you’re ready to create and live your awakened life, we invite you to add your intent with ours and together, co-create lives of joy, empowerment, purpose, love and wisdom. Our efforts toward the manifestation of this new world paradigm will set an example of how the spirit of cooperation and community can produce extraordinary, even miraculous outcomes.

The journey inward along the path of self-discovery and transformation is a fascinating one. Each of us possesses the innate ability to direct our own lives and create the life we invision. To the degree we accomplish this, will our lives reflect the happiness, health, joy, success, and purpose we wish to manifest. Each transformation within our consciousness will not only change ourselves, but will help to establish that critical mass which will ultimately transform the world.

Many, who desire a better understanding of themselves and how to develop and apply higher consciousness, as well as use their talents and abilities for the benefit of humanity and the planet, have chosen to become members of the Institute for Global Transformation’s Change-Makers community.

If you desire to develop a better understanding of yourself, find your purpose, experience inner-growth and make your dreams a reality and if you want to be part of a growing community of individuals helping to create a new world paradigm of love, wisdom, and purpose, we invite you to join our community of Change-Makers – it’s free and there are no dues.

Join-Button-150x150 We encourage and welcome your ideas and comments. Together, we’re building a better world!

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