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JUST ASK, Conscious Conversations PodcastHere, you can ask questions about everyday life, consciousness, self-mastery, relationships, careers,  visualization, the power of intent, and your higher-self, that eternal, authentic self that’s wiser, more loving and powerful than the self you already know.


Drs. Maryann and Matthew MillerWhen you submit a question, Drs. Maryann and Matthew Miller will discuss it from a spiritual perspective. Together, they have over 83 years of spiritual training in the Western Wisdom Traditions. They are certified teachers of the Nature of the Soul, have completed all of the AMORC studies and are Rayid certified.

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When asking your questions, your identity will never be shared so don’t worry, your questions are safe with us.  Also, we will only publish questions appropriate to our audience. Click here to ask your Questions.


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  1. I like being able to ask questions from people that I respect. I know what you’re saying is right but it’s just hard to follow good advice sometimes. I’ll give it a try. Thanks. I’ll be back.

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