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We are living at a pivotal time in human history and the choices we make affect humanity on a global scale. Your Network for Transformational Conversations is a platform for purposeful and powerful conversations that utilize shared higher consciousness to speak profound transformation into the world. What is transformational conversations and shared higher consciousness?  Continue reading…

IFGT’s 6 Departments and Their Activities

Each of our departments creates powerful Conversations with the potential to help better understand and experience our own lives as well as our global community. Our projects give emphasis to the importance of self-development, transformation and service to humanity and the planet. Add you voice to the conversations by joining us in Transformational Conversations on our Facebook pages.

Click on the graphics below to explore our Departments exciting activities.

Arts, music, painting, acting, dancing

The Arts

philosophy new age


Public Services

Public Services

science, engineering, technology

Science and Engineering

Healing Arts

Healing Arts

business, transformative business


IFGT Projects: Hearts In Harmony,
Project Oneness, and One Kind Deed and
Consciousness & the Vaccine for Life.
Quantum Think®, it’s a New System of Thinking.

Hearts In Harmony™

Hearts In Harmony

Project Oneness, Infinite Heart

Project Oneness

Transforming the World One Kind Deed at a Time

One Kind Deed





Who are you really?

Who are you really?

Quantum Think, Do you quantum think?, Dianne Collins

A New System of Thinking

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